Would you like to lease with peace of mind, knowing that your future tenants are people you can count on?

Credit Score Check

Do you want to know if your future tenant is able to pay the rent?

Canadian Court Public
Record Check

How to ensure your future tenant was not involved in criminal activities?

International court
public records check

Does your next tenant have a court  record outside of Canada?

Locating Former Tenants

Are you looking for a former tenant who owes you money?




  • Simply fill out the form and then click “send” and you will be redirected to the payment step.
  • We conduct background checks. The information collected in various information banks, allows SIM TENANT to be a a leader in intelligence gathering.
  • The answer will be provided quickly. Whether you are an individual, employer, or if you represent a non-profit organisation SIM TENANT has a solution that will suit you.



The BCS Investigation Group is an agency that brings together different partners under one roof the full range of investigative services.


  • It’s been five years now that I use SIM TENANT services for all our office rentals. I quickly get a detailed report that satisfies me every time!

  • SIM TENANT allows me to do a thorough check of my tenants and thereby have peace of mind.

  • Thank you to SIM TENANT for keeping me from renting to the worst candidate ever.